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  1. Joelfreak
    Joelfreak at |

    This is HUGE. I know people who pay for all their business travel with points from MR. This will put a stop to that, at least on DL. Amex becomes ALOT less valuable.

  2. AlohaDAveKennedy
    AlohaDAveKennedy at |

    I guess those people who pay for all their business travel with points from MR may not use Delta now. If this situation is HUGE, that could make Delta the World’s Most Rusted Airline.

  3. David Young
    David Young at |

    Joelfreak: Disagree, because MR points can ALWAYS be used at 1.2 cents per dollar with their ‘pay with points’ program.

    IMO, Delta just became a lot less valuable.

    1. DaveS
      DaveS at |

      I’m in the “would never trade a valuable MR point for a near worthless Delta point in the first place” category. Everybody has different ways of valuing points, I know, but there are really several transfer opportunities that are far better in terms of value received to most travelers. I don’t see this particular action as eroding the value of the MR program at all, but I guess taken in combination with others it could spur MR to enhance elsewhere some aspect of what they do. That would be a great result.

  4. Elaine Green
    Elaine Green at |

    “How many people are churning through more than a quarter million dollars of purchases each year and moving all those points over to SkyMiles”
    ” It is still possible to earn as many SkyMiles as you want through a co-branded AmEx product.”

    Can you explain in more detail about earning thousands of MR?

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