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  1. Joelfreak
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    If you look at the times of these flights, it just looks like they are using existing planes and swapping positions between FLL and JFK.

    JFK- FLL: depart 8:00am and arrive 11:05am daily.
    FLL- JFK: depart 9:15am and arrive 11:55am daily.

    Looks like they are using 4 hours of each planes downtime, and then probably moving the planes to SFO/LAX. Its not a single tail running both legs.

  2. Joelfreak
    Joelfreak at |

    Any capacity in that market during the winter SHOULD reap rewards. I think its a good idea to familiarize the snowbird market with the product, as its better than most of whats flying on that route right now, unless you get the AA INTL config. I think Virgin never took off on the east coast because you couldn’t get anywhere here on them. This can’t HURT. I just think this will disappear in May.

  3. Nick
    Nick at |

    The complaint I have heard from various people is that Virgin America “only has 1 flight a day”. They definitely seem to need a strategy.

  4. Seth
    Seth at |

    I understand not wanting to park a plane (or 2) at JFK for several hours, but jumping into the highly competitive snow bird market just isn’t the way to do this. They are really screwed from the outset because they have very little (practically zero) connecting flow, and the primary O/D airports for these markets are LGA and MIA. I guess the folks at VX decided the next best alternative was just fine, when clearly it isn’t. Any number of alternatives would serve them better…maybe swapping 1-2 LGA-DAL frequencies to JFK-DAL, then use the spare slots at LGA to offer proper NYC to S. Florida service. They also could have gotten creative and done JFK-DEN, then let the plane continue to SFO, JFK-DEN is a route with little competition. SFO-DEN is a little tougher, but at least its business traffic, not ma pa kettle looking for $49 one ways to Ft. Lauderdale. I won’t even broach the reduction of SFO-ORD to 1x daily. Bottom Line: I think there is a dart board in route planning at VX, and its getting a lot of use.

  5. eponymous coward
    eponymous coward at |

    Bottom Line: I think there is a dart board in route planning at VX, and its getting a lot of use.

    There’s always been one. Remember SFO-YYZ?