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  1. Matteo
    Matteo at |

    Good-bye Air Canada. Overpriced and now one of the worst loyalty programs.
    Not worth it anymore. Glad I found out in time so not to waste money on mileage runs.
    Either you are SE or forget it.

    1. Peter K
      Peter K at |

      I am Super Elite and have been for ten years. I’m bailing out. The continued erosion is ridiculous. I’ll not seek to equality in 2015.

  2. Joyce Beckett
    Joyce Beckett at |

    I am at a Super Elite status and I am quite disappointed with the new changes to the loyalty program. I have also done some mileage runs which gave the airline extra cash at Flex fare . Perhaps Air Canada needs to take a closer look -especially if complaints are fast and furious. There is an opportunity here for other airlines, if they are wise, to seize the opportunity to pick up good loyalty passengers.