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  1. HansGolden
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    Your normally even-handed analysis left out the part where DAL and DFW are 22 minutes apart and serve the same market. What percent of flights does WN have of the combined DAL/DFW market? How about AA?

    When you say things like, “Then again, Love Field is a fortress hub in the worst sense of the term. More than 96% of the 4 million passengers carried in or out of the airport in the past year flew on Southwest Airlines. That’s the highest skew of any airport in the country where more than one airline operates.” without clarifying that it’s one of two airports right beside each other, it’s misleading.

    It is also interesting to note that the Wright Amendment, which was specially designed to hurt WN, is what caused WN’s incumbency through the tough years at DAL and gives them the position they have today.

  2. Lark
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    “Then again, those $420 fares book directly into first class, so there’s something returned in value for the higher spend, though not likely enough to justify the fare difference.”

    How would you characterize this vs. DL’s First Class Monetization (FCM) and UA’s HOD/TOD buy ups to first?

    Is the end result the same? (Less complimentary upgrades for elites)?

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