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  1. ptahcha
    ptahcha at |

    For me, it’s a toss-up between LH and UA, depending on which airport you want to transit through.

    LH: Plus for US clearance in DFW, which is better IMO. Plus for LH Senator Lounge access in FRA.

    Minus for miles and miles of walking in FRA.

    UA: 1.5 hour transit through EWR and TSA security subsequent to the flight makes it a minus, which might be moot with Global Entry. Although E+ is not bad, and the entertainment options are better than LH. sCO crew can be hit and miss.

    Big no to BA/AA and AF/DL options. The transfer between LCY and LHR is a deal breaker for me. 3 flights are always worse than 2 flights, unless you need the miles (which in this case is moot).

  2. Charlotte
    Charlotte at |

    I vote for Luftansa- personally like their economy across the pond better than American although flying on the Scan Sun Air would be fun. Great thing is.. none of them look bad (except maybe Flying Blue due to the extra connection in ATL).

  3. Lack
    Lack at |

    Why zero chance for a better seat on LH? You could purchase an exit row for ~70 EUR, or maybe try and bid for an Y+ seat if available on the route.

    2-4-2 seating on the Airbuses is quite nice too. And free booze.

  4. David
    David at |

    I would vote for LH for better lounge at FRA.

  5. Chris
    Chris at |

    I don’t know much about the LCY -> LHR transfer but that doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. I’d probably go with LH for the FRA lounge and ICE clearance at DFW. 1:35 is way too short at EWR and if you get a big head wind or a delay from HAM to EWR you are screwed. I vote LH.

  6. mwwalk
    mwwalk at |

    I would consider another option: Get to FRA somehow and then fly FRA-DFW on AA.

  7. Garrett
    Garrett at |

    What kind of options are available through KLM? The only reason I ask is that in terms of airport experience in Europe, I find Schiphol to be just about the easiest. Everything is clearly marked, the facilities are clean and on the newer side. There are plenty of food options (to get something fatty to eat to soak up all that booze), passport control is a breeze… The worst part about the airport is those long halls, but they have moving walkways. If you’re not SkyTeam Elite+, the Priority Pass lounge there isn’t bad either. Nothing special, but comfortable and quiet.

  8. David Huberman
    David Huberman at |

    My thoughts:

    1) AF is out. It’s too much travel time compared to your other options.
    2) LH is out. You cannot safely book a 60 minute connection from domestic to international at Frankfurt. In my opinion you will (more often than not) miss that connection, and it won’t even be close.
    3) UA through EWR looks very promising. It’s a very straightforward itinerary. The total travel time is low. The 752 is a comfortable aircraft in economy for you. The 95 minute connection could be iffy for a large hub like EWR, but I suspect it’s enough time. And if you mis-connect, there’s a later flight to DFW. This is my #2 choice for you.
    4) My #1 choice is the D38 connecting to the BA 777. You can easily get from LCY to LHR, as you’re well aware, in 60 to 90 minutes. You get a new aircraft and new line. BA’s product is very consistent – you know what you’re getting. You have no chance of a mis-connect, and you do customs at DFW (your final destination).

  9. James K.
    James K. at |

    Dornier 328? What’s not to like! Plus new TATL line for the map. Easy winner for me.

  10. FredM
    FredM at |

    Jeez! You represent yourself as a travel guru, but you can’t figure out an acceptable itinerary? If this was a contest with a reward I’d present an itinerary for consideration, but as of now I can think only DUH! Oh, I don’t have much experience, granted, but the last FF program I joined was AA in 1/84, still a few thou from million miler while that level is ancient history with UA & DL. C’mon’, try a little harder.

  11. Pizzaman
    Pizzaman at |

    If you didn’t have to switch airports in London, I might lean AA. But, given that issue, if you can guarantee yourself extra legroom I think UA makes sense.

  12. Carsten Varming
    Carsten Varming at |

    When in doubt do not fly through LHR. The AF option is very poor. I think I would go with United through EWR. You have global entry, so the connection is easy, and let us face it, in economy, USA carriers are providing an above market hard product (I cannot believe I just typed that).

  13. Nick
    Nick at |

    I would probably just go with United. E+ and reasonable flight times. I assume you have a small shot a domestic upgrade as well.

  14. Christian
    Christian at |

    I’d check Flying Blue options when they come out. Economy comfort sounds pretty decent. The big party area in Hamburg is called St. Pauli. They have a beer named after it, that’s popular here in the U.S., called St. Pauli Girl. The slogan is “you never forget your first girl”.

  15. UAPhil
    UAPhil at |

    Does AA actually have “PlanAAhead” availability across the pond? I’ve had lots of trouble finding any AA availability. (But AA “AAnytime” is only 45,000 miles off-peak; that might be a reasonable option to consider for optimizing your schedule.)

  16. pcg
    pcg at |

    IME, 60 minutes at FRA can be done… but you could be hustling. That makes any improvement in lounge at FRA immaterial, as you wouldn’t even have the time to grab a beer for the walk.

    I love neither the UA itinerary nor clearing customs in EWR, but it’s probably the one I would take.

  17. HiIslands
    HiIslands at |

    I would reluctantly choose the United option for comfort and less hassle.

    I say reluctantly because I would stew about United’s lack of reliability and whether the flights are on-time enough to make your connection.

  18. alex
    alex at |

    Logically speaking, air France is out the window.. The late arrival discounts it as an option, plus additional connections aren’t exactly a plus..

    BA and AA are out, higher fuel surcharges.. Unless of course, you play the points game, then blow avoidable expenses when there are better options 🙂 and I’ve done the Gatwick-Heathrow connection.. for the fun of it.. when I wasn’t pressed.. In your case, its a -ve for comfort and travel distance.. -on this particular trip anyway.

    That leaves united and Lufthansa..

    In your shoes, I’d do Lufthansa 🙂 but I’m not in your shoes :))))) and with 30 bucks(ish) extra for less comfy seats… lol, I’ll bet my hat you favor comfort and price over saving 90 mins :))) (unless of course the 90 mins makes you late – which it doesn’t..)

    So, we’re left with (trump) economy plus united seats, all the way… the best price overall, meets your late afternoon criteria, let’s you chill in a lounge (and blog about it later :p), and you can do the trip with your eyes closed… :))) (and not have to worry about additional logistics – switching airports / living through multiple connections)

    Its a no-brainer really lol

    but, you tell me.. how did I do..? 🙂

  19. alex
    alex at |

    *** when I say its a no-brainer, I’m speaking from a logical point of view..