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  1. Greg
    Greg at |

    Would be curious to see hit rates for Cash and Points. That’s where there are probably more stark availability differences.

  2. Matt
    Matt at |

    Interesting. I’m also curious as to what percent of that Hilton “availability” is “premium” – you know, the ones that cost 800 million miles per night? Seems that’s all there’s been the last few times I’ve checked for a particular stay, though admittedly it’s not my first choice program.

  3. James K.
    James K. at |

    Thanks for doing this research. For one, it’s great to have data and I salute you. For another, I’ve noticed lately how Hyatt isn’t always so great with availability, and it’s nice to have information to back this up. The two properties I wanted to use points at this year (The Andaz Savannah and the PH Milan) were both no-gos. Whereas Hilton, so despised within the FF community, is consistently available (and cheaper than people think because they hand out points like candy). Right on Seth

    1. Trevor
      Trevor at |

      I’ve noticed the Hyatt site many times shows no award availability but when I call to request the same nights an agent is able to open up rooms.

  4. LTL
    LTL at |

    This is interesting but I wonder if you’re getting a representative sample. It’s easy to search elsewhere (with hotels themselves) for “easy to find” rooms. If people are using your search for the Park Hyatt New York, etc. — notoriously difficult rooms — then you might be getting a skewed result. In other words, 9% of the time Hyatt returns a “miss.” But what if, on hyatt.com (where most non-savvy folks are searching) the “miss rate” is only 5% (or whatever)?

  5. Jerry Mandel
    Jerry Mandel at |

    I was disgusted with Fairmont and dropped it.

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