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  1. Adam P
    Adam P at |

    Fascinating data, Seth. Thanks for collating it.

    Do wish you would have given a bit more info about how to read the charts. Clearly UA is not offering 350 award F seats per day SFO-NRT, but not sure what to make of that then.

    Bigger picture, I’m not sure I understand the growing bloggers’ preoccupation with F awards, F trip reports, F availability, etc., to the exclusion of C class. Most of us are just looking to get across the pond in comfort and given the growing price disparity between F and C, would rather have one or two more trips in C than blow our wad to take a shower on the plane or be chauffeured a block to the terminal.

    Just my two cents worth, but I think the growing focus on F is narrowcasting to a small subset of BA’s audience.

    1. Ellie
      Ellie at |

      Saying anything along the lines of Fist Class Award obsession and Seth makes zero sense. Seth is the M&P Blogger Sphere Anti-Hero.
      Just my two cents on the matter.

      1. UnLuCkY
        UnLuCkY at |

        Ellie I think you are confused. Lucky would be the one with Fist Class Award obsession. As for Seth’s nickname, how about the M&P Blogosphere Anti-bullshit Superhero? Although its pretty bush league to not label your charts.

  2. Robin
    Robin at |

    @Adam P: I believe the vertical axis on the charts is “# of days in advance”. A blue dot indicates that award space for Day X was available Y days in advance.

  3. Christian
    Christian at |

    Thanks for the clarification on the charts. Out of curiosity, how many seats were these for? I only ask because for some reason, my wife gets irked if I take first class vacation trips without her, so multiple seats would be better.

  4. Papa Smurf
    Papa Smurf at |

    Great data. Can you clarify what criteria were you using for FC availability? Does this take into account the number of F seats or are you simply checking whether there is any availability for one F seat?

  5. Miles Down Under
    Miles Down Under at |

    Fascinating data. Thank you.

  6. Biggles209
    Biggles209 at |

    If you were to make this data (especially United C non-East coast to Europe) available for query to First Class members, I would upgrade in a heartbeat.

  7. John Tarik
    John Tarik at |

    Awesome and very interesting data. Thanks for sharing.

    Are the wide bands where absolutely no availability anytime is present (e.g. FRA-EWR F-cabin LH for Aug, Sep & Oct) actual data or data problems? The break in the pattern is astounding.

    BTW, looking forward to J-cabin data (oneworld too if you have it!).

  8. Jim
    Jim at |

    Very interesting charts! Would love to see some data for OneWorld F (CX, BA) availability as well.

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  12. Dan
    Dan at |


    Is it me or does it look like PHL has the best overall availability 15 days out and then followed by Dulles and Chicago?