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  1. mark
    mark at |

    You got what you paid for. ..a flight.

  2. Scott
    Scott at |

    Unfortunately this is exactly what United provides, you eventually land at your destination, nothing particular about the flight impresses you, but you land alive and you’re happy about that.

    When you watch the show about BA and what the chef does w/ the crew to make sure they are plating/cooking the meals correctly and getting the meals out quickly so passengers do not have to wait, you realize United is not interested in that sort of investment in the product or the customer.

    This is another reason why I do not care about inaugural flights, basically that was a waste of 85,000ish miles.

  3. Ellie
    Ellie at |

    Just flew back on the SCL-IAH 11pm flight on Wednesday. I only have gold status but it should count for something. No United club in SCL and no other lounge access. I was told that only business class tickets could access the Delta lounge, which UA is temporarily sharing. Premier Access check-in line was slower than the regular line. And luggage did not get marked priority. Otherwise, flight was fine. Food, I thought, was gross.

  4. Robert F
    Robert F at |

    Thanks for posting the trip report and for finding something to write about in even the most mundane circumstances! I always appreciate your enthusiasm even if it isn’t reflected by the industry.

  5. Joey
    Joey at |

    I agree with Robert F. I’ve been reading your blog for a while in addition to others in BA and it’s obvious you love all parts of aviation (from destination, plane type, economy/business/first cabins, etc.)
    Was the IAH-SCL or IAH-EZE more lucrative? I wasn’t sure whether the FA’s got paid $600 more for the SCL or EZE route?
    I believe there are a few different kinds of inaugural flights. Which ones do you think is best and has the most fanfare? Inaugural flight for a new plane type ever (i.e. 787 for ANA, A380 for SQ, or the new a350 coming up in 2 weeks)? Inaugural plane type for an airline (i.e. 787 for United)? or Inaugural flight for a new route (such as the one you were on IAH-SCL)? or inaugural flight for a new plane type for an existing route (i.e. your SQ A380 flight from SFO-HKG-SIN back two years ago) ?
    Am I missing other types of inaugurals?

  6. Rami
    Rami at |

    Thank you for the report. UA BF has boiled down to the seat. It is fairly comfortable for a night flight. May not be the best in the business but it is worth the 60K or so miles you paid.

    Did you spend some time in Santiago?

  7. kmc
    kmc at |

    Heard your verbal report on SCL on DLD. Sorry you didn’t have a better time there. I’ve had really awesome experiences of Chile and Santiago, and was a little underwhelmed by Buenos Aires in comparison. In Sth America i really think having local friends / contacts on makes a massive difference. For this reason BA was to me a bit less fun. Just wanted to give a little balance to some of the Chile-bashing that sometimes gets dished out on the show.