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  1. Travelling Buzz
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    It is an urban myth that Germans in General are fans of the Hoff. Every time I am abroad someone mentions it to me. Here in agree many hardly anyone mentions his name. There was a time when he had good marketing in Germany but I believe that if he is on the stage at the Brandenburg Gate or not, there wouldn’t be a difference in numbers of people attending. People are showing up because it is New Years Eve and a free concert – with other acts nonetheless.
    I believe he is blowing up everything and the detour via Hannover is a scheme to make a story that his folks can place in the world news cycle!

    Please don’t mention him to Germans you encounter 😉 thx

  2. Sahir Siddiqui
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    300km taxi ride @ 150kmph. PSH.
    I remember some colleagues of mine being stranded in Majorca at the time of the volcanic ash crisis five or so years ago. The five of them rented a car and drove up all the way to UK!

    Plus, 150kmph isn’t a big deal – I was bummed out on my last trip to Germany when I found my rental Audi had a speed limiter installed : I was maxed out at 200kmph on the autobahn and being overtaken left right and center!