Think you rate United’s Global Services??

United’s semi-unpublished top-tier status – Global Services – has apparently been handed out already for the 2015 program year and those who were chosen by the airline as qualified have been notified. Didn’t get invited? Here’s your second chance:

Customer Service: The 2015 Global Services Reconsideration process will review members that believe their travel activity should qualify for Global Services status. Upon completion of the review, members will be notified by email on January 15th or within 10 days of enrollment which ever is later. To enroll a member into the review process, please enter the member’s account number in the blue registration box and click the arrow to submit.

I’m not going to bother submitting my account; I’m quite certain I don’t rate that level. But I’m guessing there are a few folks out there who might think they’re on the cusp where it makes sense to try.

Good luck!

Some discussion of the offer on FlyerTalk:

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Seth Miller

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