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  1. trojan
    trojan at |

    I am an AA plat with 3 JFK-India flights this year booked in deep discount economy – O class – and was planning to credit to AA to get the 100% bonus.

    Will AA’s accural for BA also change? Ticks booked before April 28 are safe for AA accrual too?

  2. Sam
    Sam at |

    Does the following change have any material significance? “As part of an IAG group reorganisation … British Airways has agreed that Avios Group (AGL) Limited will now be responsible for issuing Avios points to Executive Club Members”

  3. augias
    augias at |

    @trojan: the earning for your flights will almost certainly remain the same, as AA is unlikely to change that on short notice — expect some major changes announced in late 2015 however, once the merger with US Airways is complete. It’s going to be painful!

  4. paul
    paul at |

    And of course the obscene fuel surcharges remain, even when oil is well below the average price of the last decade…

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  6. DaveS
    DaveS at |

    @paul, the “fuel” surcharge never had anything to do with “fuel”. As you say, it’s “obscene”, and amounts to saying, “We lie about our prices and think you’re too dumb to know it since we call it something.” Actually, BA now calls it “carrier imposed surcharge”, which really means “We lie about our prices and think you’re too dumb to know it since we call it something.” Never fly BA metal on an award, except intra-Europe, and redeem instead on partners like AA and LAN that don’t lie about their prices.

  7. philatravelgirl
    philatravelgirl at |

    Thanks for getting into the detail and not pretending there’s an upside – I’m a big loser with this as I’m Silver on BA (use it mostly for OW lounge access) and when I redeem my miles it’s more often for the upgrade from WT+ to CW and I still have two TT vouchers. I rarely fly US domestically so the short haul redemptions have no value to me – it’s the biz class awards on partners like Aer Lingus, LAN, Cathay. with the change it seems that I may be fighting for the two seats on each flight when there used to be many more. I’m still trying to get over the loss of Star Alliance/US redemptions in my Philly Hub and now this. Waiting to see what the AA credit from BA (I tix) will be as my PHL-LHR options are BA or US – maybe the credit will be better for me over there?

  8. Munchie
    Munchie at |

    How is this for loyalty?
    You will now be able to fly 17 round trips from London to Johannesburg (5640 miles one way), and if flying in the lowest Economy class, you would still not get Silver.
    The perception is that all companies fly their employees in Business Class, this just not the case, a vast number are cost conscious (or just tight) who are regular travellers, but will now suffer even further as rewards are reduced.
    I spend most of my time away on business, away from home, one of the few ‘perks’ is the ability to use those miles and points for a decent holiday. So is it time to change my airline or change my job?

    1. Peter J Dunn
      Peter J Dunn at |

      I second the post by Munchie. I always have to fly economy for business travel through my employers and yes the points helped towards a holiday. I can probably wave goodbye to all that now!!

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