Images of the new Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Seats

The official announcement of the new Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Seats is still a few hours away (scheduled for the morning of 3 February in Singapore) but the carrier’s Instagram page has a few images of the new seats. I have no idea how you’re supposed to play the “game” associated with the images but I’m pretty good at clipping and assembling. Here’s what the new seat looks like:

Stock photo of Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Seats courtesy of @SingaporeAir
The new Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Seats will be officially introduced on 3 February 2015 in Singapore.
Stock photo of Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Seats courtesy of @SingaporeAir

Nice footrest and a bit of extra width as expected. The outboard armrest looks to be a bit narrow while the central armrest will hold the tray table when it is stowed. The overall seat structure is slim, at least by the look of the seat back. Hopefully there is sufficient padding and support such that it is comfortable in addition to offering additional space.

Other nice features include the universal power outlet adjacent to the foot rest and a USB plug on the armrest. There is a gooseneck reading light on the side of the seat and a cute space for water bottles on the front, plus a regular drink holder space on the center armrest.

Still no indication of the dimensions, including pitch, but this looks to be a reasonable entry into the Premium Economy market. Not revolutionary, which some may see as a conservative move for Singapore Airlines, but definitely a reasonable play, at least based on what we can see here.

And don’t forget to take a look a the new seat maps showing the Singapore Airlines Premium Economy seats for an idea of how they’ll fit on the plane.

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