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  1. MEOW
    MEOW at |

    Hi Seth! What are the tends regarding EVA?

    1. Jason
      Jason at |

      Yeah, don’t forget about them. I had a fantastic flight in J from TPE-LAX. The previous leg from HKG-TPE started off nicely in the Virgin lounge, but went south when we were bussed onto the tarmac to a nasty old MD-80.

  2. Rum-way
    Rum-way at |

    What about SQ availability?

  3. turgutbey
    turgutbey at |

    Thanks, this great. I’d love to see you add EVA and Air China to this. Seattle and YVR (including air canada flights) would be interesting too.

  4. Conrad
    Conrad at |

    Agreed this is very helpful. I agree, can you please do Air China? I’ve noticed that their business class seats Pek-LA (and reverse) have been non-existent the past few months when they used to be the most available.

    Also slightly a tangent, but Pek-Syd seems to have totally disappeared as a redemption option. I checked both United and ANA’s sites. Any idea what’s going on? Thanks!

  5. Rupert
    Rupert at |

    Thanks for sharing the data – confirms my gut feel and anecdotal evidence from many searches out of SFO! I’d also love to see the EVA data – I’ve done many searches across Asia and they hardly ever come up and when, then on weird routes, like 5th freedom routes…

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