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  1. Cecilie
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    The biggest problem I have with the changes, is that they were announce November 27, 2014, after SAS changed some information on their EuroBonus website. It gave customers approximately 10 hours warning, because flights booked on or before November 27, for travel on or after January 1, 2015, would earn points based on the old scheme.

    SAS didn’t reach out to me as a customer, until December 3, 2014, announcing the changes. If I weren’t as involved as I am in Bonusfeber.no and websites like that, I wouldn’t have known about the changes until then, and it would’ve been too late for me to book any “good” mileage runs.

    That’s my main issue, and Nils Lindhe didn’t even come anywhere close to addressing that, during last night’s chat. People have also been pretty annoyed by how these changes were actually described as “improvements”, especially by head of communication in Norway, Knut Morten Johnsen. He also managed to say this: “These changes won’t affect the majority of our passengers.”

    Well, heck yes it will. SAS Go constitutes easily 75% of any given SAS intra-Europe or domestic flight.

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