How to redeem Hyatt Gold Passport Points for a whopping 10.8 cents each

I see a lot of interesting hotel point value data thanks to the Hotel Hustle search engine. And some of the data in the history is absolutely garbage. That mostly comes from hotels not loading real revenue rates into the system ($1600+/night for a Super 8 outside Beijing is one example) but there really are a few gems the system uncovers from time to time. Like this spectacular Hyatt Gold Passport redemption option at north of 10 cents per point:


Anyone want to take a guess at where the rates are so skewed??

What If I give you a hint? This rate is available across a three night stay from 30 April – 3 May 2015.

Maybe seeing an exterior shot of the hotel will help you guess its location?

Or, perhaps knowing that it is just a couple blocks south of the Ohio River would help??

The property in question is the Hyatt Regency Louisville and, of course, that happens to be Kentucky Derby weekend. I’m not sure that justifies the $1300/night rate (mind you that’s for two double beds; a king costs more) but the company seems to think it can make that happen. Or just use the points. That’s the much, much, much smarter play in this case.

Looking at all the historical rates data I have for this hotel from the past three months the cents/point rate bottoms out at 1.32 but more commonly is over 2.1 cents per point. As Hyatt redemption options go this one is actually relatively consistently a good deal.

And if watching the ponies run isn’t your thing then perhaps take a look at summer weekends in Dewey Beach, Delaware. The Hyatt Place Dewey Beach seems to regularly be charging north of $400/night or just 8,000 points. That’s another great value, assuming it is where you want to be.

Lots more similar data to come from Hotel Hustle. Because data is fun and I’ve got lots of it.

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Seth Miller

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    1. Good call…those query results I have are from before the change kicked it. Still likely getting 4+ cpp at the new rates though for those peak weekends and that doesn’t suck.

  1. Seth – i’m looking right now and shows no availability. Am I missing something?

    1. What dates/settings are you using for the search? I just ran it again and still see the $1299 rate or the 12,000 points option for 30 April – 2 May. And it seems to require the Thursday night check-in to get a room. Booking to arrive on Friday shows as sold out.

  2. We did the HP Dewey Beach last summer for 5 days. Had some friends staying in a “fleabag” hotel around the corner paying ~$280/night, so the reality is even if you find the cheapest options, the redemption for the HP Dewey was a great deal. As far as HP’s go that place takes a beating and it’s rooms are a bit compact compared to the majority but overall it was definitely worth it.

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