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  1. Charlie
    Charlie at |

    Great stuff, Seth. I love data as well so am looking forward to the other posts.

  2. Ben
    Ben at |

    Hyatt Place Dewey Beach increased to 12,000 points in the last category changes.

  3. Jack
    Jack at |

    Seth – i’m looking right now and shows no availability. Am I missing something?

  4. Boon
    Boon at |

    We did the HP Dewey Beach last summer for 5 days. Had some friends staying in a “fleabag” hotel around the corner paying ~$280/night, so the reality is even if you find the cheapest options, the redemption for the HP Dewey was a great deal. As far as HP’s go that place takes a beating and it’s rooms are a bit compact compared to the majority but overall it was definitely worth it.

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