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  1. Sam
    Sam at |

    Fun story. The little pleasures of travel. As an aside, I’m in the city for the weekend myself, any recommendations for a good bagel place?

  2. Without Bacon
    Without Bacon at |

    My vote for far and away best bagel in NYC is Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Co., which (oddly) has no locations in Brooklyn. They’re in Manhattan at 24th & 8th and a couple of locations in Queens.

  3. Lark
    Lark at |

    The best place we found (we only tried 3 or 4) was Ess-A-Bagel. Amazing New York bagels, more options for toppings and sandwiches than you can imagine.

    Of course, I went with the sliced untoasted with cream cheese. I don’t want to mess up a good bagel with too much stuff!

    We went to the third avenue location – convenient to Central Park and Times Square hotels (kind of).


    1. Without Bacon
      Without Bacon at |

      Ess-a-Bagel is very good — certainly in the top 5 and maybe top 3 in the city — but I find their bagels a bit too dense. This is the part BBCC gets just right: the bagels are big (though the also offer mini bagels), a good crunch on the outside, but light and airy on the inside.

      If you just need a solid bagel near Times Square the place at 53rd & 8th is decent. I don’t it’s name; the name seems to change every so often.

  4. Joeheg
    Joeheg at |

    Almost every bagel I’ve had in NYC is far and above better than any one I’ve had here in Florida, or anywhere outside the tri-state area. If I have the time, I’ll look for the “best” but most often I’ll take the place that is closest.

  5. canuck_in_ca
    canuck_in_ca at |

    Forget New York City bagels. Montreal bagels are the best! So good by themselves you don’t need silly toppings.