United Airlines puts Chile, Brazil on sale for awards

Economy class award travel to Chile and Brazil just got a bit cheaper on United Airlines. The company’s MileagePlus program is offering 25% off saver-level economy awards for bookings made by 26 April 2015 and for travel until 25 June 2015. Yes, it is cooling off a bit now in the southern hemisphere but that doesn’t mean Rio’s beaches are abandoned. Still lots of opportunities to have fun way down south. Added bonus: No visa nor reciprocity fee for US citizens visiting Chile anymore.


In a terribly unscientific scan of the award inventory just now I saw 2 seats available into Santiago from Houston on ~80-90% of the dates for this promotion. Rio was a bit tighter, particularly in May, but still had 50%+ dates available. Ditto for the return flights.


This is a pretty good deal for getting way south. I’m a fan. And if Santiago doesn’t hold your interest look at using Avios to get out to Easter Island on the cheap.

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Seth Miller

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