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  1. eponymous coward
    eponymous coward at |

    So which hotel was it? $140 USD for a room in Hong Kong isn’t terrible…

  2. JB
    JB at |

    When the direct booking and Hotels.com price are near parity, I book from the hotel direct as they frequently give you better rooms, and are more open to last minute changes/cancellations.

    1. Alan
      Alan at |

      Agreed, properties sometimes seem to give the worst rooms to OTA bookings so in this sort of scenario I’d probably book direct too.

  3. Gene
    Gene at |

    what about cancellation options?
    i, personally, often use hotels.com since they often have generous cancellation policies.
    or do they simply mirror the hotels own cancel policy?

    ANC RED-EYE at |

    $7 savings is about 5%. I probably would have gone with hotels.com in your case. 5ish% seems worth it to me. The question is, why are you settling for 5.5% cashback at hotels.com when topcashback has it for 7%? Lastly, thanks for hotelhustle – incredibly powerful tool!