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  1. Brian Cohen
    Brian Cohen at |

    Thank you for the report, Seth; but I do believe you meant to say “And, yes, there are itineraries where the trip is less expensive in business than in economy.”

  2. Gene
    Gene at |

    Those are very disturbing numbers (the ,100 and ,600 parts). I guess we will see full revenue-based awards very soon.

  3. patricia
    patricia at |

    I agree with GENE. These are the most confusing award figures one can imagine. Basically you’re playing reward seat roulette, and they’re just waiting to count how many suckers would pay more than the base price (aka “saver level 1” of the previous charts)

    why even bother with award inventory buckets at this point? just tie them directly to revenue buckets and have a fixed ratio between miles and dollars.

  4. Todd
    Todd at |

    The Delta.dumb site is so frustrating. Just trying to piece together a “simple” business booking to Europe from the west coast around Christmas is the ultimate time sink. One weekend gone and I still don’t know what the actual fees to transit LHR will be since I cant get it to price as a single ticket VIE-AMS/CDG-LHR-LAX.

  5. JA
    JA at |

    It seems to me that at least after the base 12,500 awards are sold out, the award price is tied directly to the corresponding fares available to purchase. For example, I was looking at a domestic booking and as soon as the cheapest fare bucket dropped one level, the award price dropped from 20,000 to 17,500.

  6. Murtuza
    Murtuza at |

    @Seth: I am more confused on the pricing. I see the ORD-LHR available for every single day in Business in August for 62.5k delta miles, but when I add SLC-ORD to it, only few of the days gives me pricing of 62.5k although when I price SLC-ORD it prices at 25k in business for entire August. Not able to figure out why this is the case. Can you decipher it 🙂

  7. JA
    JA at |

    In my experience, I find American much more difficult to predict. In many instances, I see seats for sale in the lowest priced inventory bucket, yet there are no saver award seats being offered.

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