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  1. Ben
    Ben at |

    Thank you for the comprehensive list and charts! What site did you use to generate the maps?

  2. James K.
    James K. at |

    Cool stuff

  3. gwayrav
    gwayrav at |

    What about MEA and SV? They aren’t too far from TLV and ATH.

  4. nazgul
    nazgul at |

    awesome! any plans to create a *A and OW Version? Also, maybe a non-alliance edition. Would be cool to see all the ME3 routes in one map.

  5. Storm
    Storm at |

    Seth — I think you left out DL’s PHL-LHR and PHL-CDG routes (the latter being seasonal).

  6. Storm
    Storm at |

    I also think DL files BOS-LHR, BOS-AMS, and EWR-LHR.

  7. Ben S
    Ben S at |

    Very minor quibble here, but in the table you have DL flying ATL-PAR, when it should be ATL-CDG.

  8. tp
    tp at |

    AF: CDG-IAH?

    1. tp
      tp at |

      AF 636/AF 639 is the CDG-IAH and vice versa.
      CDG-MIA is on there twice. CDG-MSP is seasonal: flights AF 694/AF 697.