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  1. Jonathan
    Jonathan at |

    Now if only “champaign” were spelled correctly…

  2. RKToledo
    RKToledo at |

    An era that seems like forever ago…you’re not kidding! Look at how attractive those flight attendants are are!

  3. LeeAnn Ho
    LeeAnn Ho at |

    Best airline party ever 🙂
    I will say the pilot group were certainly deeply divided and it was always best to avoid the crazed group.

  4. HansGolden
    HansGolden at |

    I’m so confused. How was the photo of the flight deck? You’d think pilots would know the difference between flight deck and galley?? And how is you chilling with flight attendants with a bottle of champagne responsible for pilot furloughs? Like I said, I’m very confused.

  5. Tom
    Tom at |

    Thanks for the memories of this event Seth. I too attended this (and all the CO DOs) but unfortunately was not on this particular part of the event.
    It brings me back to a much happier time in this (whatever we call it) communitiy–a community that seems to be taken over today by the loud voices of entitlement and complaining. It harkens back to a time when customers were (largely) valued by airlines and not scorned. This seems like a lot longer time ago than it actually was.

  6. GringoLoco
    GringoLoco at |

    I was in the travel industry in the “golden days” of the late 70s/early 80s — it seemed tour companies had to compete on the lavishness of the bash. Far too many brain cells were drowned by open bar parties.