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  1. DaninMCI
    DaninMCI at |

    I know I’m biased as I sit on my moderate stack of AA miles but….. I think AA has a real opportunity here to win market share through the loyalty program. Everyone else seems to be devaluing and for good reasons but AA needs to find a unique way to “innovate” in this space if they want to grow loyal customers and steal loyal customers from others.

    1. Greg
      Greg at |

      Weve had 9 months of AA with a much “better” program vs AA and DL.

      Plenty of time for people who care to switch and be stolen.

  2. garkman
    garkman at |

    Indeed…the way to “innovate” here is by NOT copying what everyone else is doing. Following is not innovating, it’s what you do when you can’t come up with your own ideas. They invented the wheel when it comes to loyalty programs…there’s no need to re-invent it. At least watch how disappointed United & Delta customers get over the next year or two when they actually realize how little they’re actually getting out of their “new and innovative” “loyalty” programs. They’ll start turning to the only aspirational mileage program, which is AA. Also, perhaps once businesses realize their employees are trying to book full fare to earn decent mileage on UA/DL they will institute an American-first attitude as well.

  3. eponymous coward
    eponymous coward at |

    And, despite the inevitable hand-wringing and whinging from the peanut gallery, no real negative impact to the company’s operations or earnings based on those changes.

    It’s not like US-based AA fliers have a lot of places to go. BA, if you stay in alliance? Mileage earning is highly dependent on fare class (cheap fares get you very little). UA or DL? Revenue-based earning.

    AA’s operation is going to be more important going forward than their loyalty scheme.

  4. GringoLoco
    GringoLoco at |

    At least those Eskimos in SEA still provide a worthwhile place to stash DL flights and, if need be, AA. For now. (!)

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  6. Tom
    Tom at |

    First time visitor and maybe my case is a useful example. Long story shortish:
    – UA MM but less mobile these days (kids!)
    – ORD based, most travel now is ORD-HKG or ORD-LHR
    – I pay my own way, so usually go for lowest fare, but do Prem Econ or Business if it’s a good value

    Have been UA loyal for the last 10 years but now with gold locked in, there’s no real reason to accumulate on UA these days. AA had a good sale over the summer and I flew ORD-NRT-HKG for $3k return — hadn’t flown AA in 5+ years. Seat sucked (old plane) but I was reasonably impressed by the soft product and was thrilled to see I earned miles based on mileage not cost. So I’ve started flying AA and CX exclusively. FF earning on miles is a huge differentiator for me, along with good value pricing on CX’s Prem Econ.

    Basically, if AA keeps mileage-based earning, I’m guaranteed to stay. If not, who knows…

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