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  1. Marshall Jackson
    Marshall Jackson at |

    Not cool. While I have PreCheck, I occasionally get “randomly selected for additional screening” like the rest of us. I always opt out of the AIT, not because I’m necessarily “afraid” of the machine, but because I wear several thousand dollars worth of insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring equipment that can be damaged by AIT machines according to the manufacturer. While this probably won’t become an issue for me, I do not like the idea that the TSA has added this wrinkle one bit.

  2. Joelfreak
    Joelfreak at |

    Marshall: my partner wears a pump, and 75% of the time (when he doesn’t do pre-check), TSA tells him that he can go through the AIT no matter what, and if he doesn’t ‘want’ to, its considered an opt-out. I can see a TSA agent requiring people with insulin pumps to go through the AIT, or not flying.

  3. thehawk75
    thehawk75 at |

    The moment AIT became the primary method of screening, it was easily predicted that the ‘opt-out’ would only be a temporary measure. Thus is the way in the progress towards complete police state.

  4. BrightonLine
    BrightonLine at |

    I don’t understand, you go thru the ATI with the pump and the ATI will alert so you have to get hand pat down anyway so what is the point of forcing you thru the ATI and denying the hand pat down in the first place?

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  7. Keith Murray
    Keith Murray at |

    This now (24 Dec) is just hitting ‘USA Today.’ Thanks to my FB friends and blog writers, I knew two days before they told me, lol. ( nothing in their article at first glance tells me the main difference is for people on the watch list, so I still know more then ‘USA Today.’) 🙂

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