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  1. Joelfreak
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    1. Bryan
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      Seems a bit of a knee-jerk reaction, no?

  2. Adam
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    Totally respect your decision. I’ve certainly started and un-started a few of my own sites. And thanks for tackling hack.travel for as long as you did (I was a daily visitor at least for the last few months :).

    re other sites that are attempting to do something similar… could you kindly clue me in to which they might be? Ultimately, I’d love to find something like Techmeme for Travel… 🙂

    Thanks again!

  3. u600213
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    Thanks for having hack.travel while it existed.
    Could you mention some possible alternatives? Or maybe list the sites you used to aggregate your content from?

    Thanks again

  4. Scott
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    I, like some previous commenters have noted, found hack.travel invaluable and would read through it daily. Unfortunately, it will now take me days (weeks possibly) to work through finding all the sites that were aggregated and set them up in my feedly. Could you provide a list of the sites that were pulled into hack.travel so that I can quickly work through and set them up into my news reader??? Please???