Coach Confidential: New JetBlue credit cards yield big rewards

Building a compelling co-branded credit card offer in a revenue-based loyalty program can be a challenge. Cash-back cards are more prevalent than ever and the loyalty proposition can be a difficult sell. JetBlue Airways stepped up to the challenge this week, unveiling its long-awaited portfolio of new cards in partnership with MasterCard and Barclaycard. The three new cards span a range of customer use cases and, in true JetBlue fashion, do things just a little bit differently than everyone else – to the customers’ benefit.


This approach fits with the company’s ethos. As VP marketing Jamie Perry explained during the product unveiling, “We go out of our way to do things not only differently than our competitors do them but also better. We believe that over the years the customer has been increasingly shortchanged by airlines and we see it as very much our mission to change that and redress the balance and give our customers more than the other guys give them.” Big words, but the new credit card lineup backs them up.

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Seth Miller

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