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  1. Keith Murray
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    I wonder if this will put any pressure on the lovely Allegiant to follow suit? (Assuming it hasn’t done so when I wasn’t looking.). Historically, Allegiant has been so, so, so resistant to expenditures like that.

  2. AnonCHI
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    When a 4 hour mid-con flight in a Big Front Seat costs $70 vs. $240 on legacy carriers in Economy (~$500 in First), you know that Spirit might actually have a shot at getting into the business traveler market.

    I really think if Spirit is smart and adds enough frequency on key routes, it could win some good share. Operational efficiency will help too.

    Lots of business travelers in Europe fly Ryanair and EasyJet – that’s a big part of the reason their legacy airlines, with the exception of IAG and LH, are in trouble.

  3. Keith Murray
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    Correction. Daniel Palen just pointed out to me that Allegiant had already done this “while I wasn’t looking.” So never mind, and thanks, Daniel.


    They asked me in a trip to jamaica, what airline are you flying, I told them SPIRIT to FLL, so I heard they said, oh thats the welfare airline,I lost the ticket for not flying on issued date , no penalties to change the date, I had to buy another ticket on Air Jamaica, Spirit is a crap of airline !

  5. swag
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    Will Spirit charge me to add my KTN, either once or per flight?

  6. james
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    How do you know this will happen? I have not seen anywhere that spirit is joining TSA precheck. I fly spirit once every 2 months and would love it if they had precheck