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  1. Secretary Toaster
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    You say: “That is also a massive growth rate and likely not wholly attributable to the churning of the most aggressive points game players.”

    Why do you say that 12% growth is not wholly attributable? I mean, I don’t expect you to know one way or the other, but I am constantly curious about the impact that “churners” have relative to the general population. I’d bet that it’s more than most people would think.

  2. Sice
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    I’m in no way an analyst here but I’m confused why the surprise over Alaska’s growth in MileagePlan membership and credit card holders. SLC is my home market and since Alaska expanded here, starting routes somewhere around June 2014, they have been marketing like crazy. Billboards and websites offering $50 flight credit to new MileagePlan signups, mailers promoting the credit card. If Alaska is as aggressive in other markets like they are here then it’s no wonder they’ve been able to grow things so well. It seems that not only did they want to attack Delta at a hub city but they went all in, actually doing a lot to make things work. I’m not surprised to see this type of growth, had they not expanded their route map and not been so aggressive marketing the loyalty program and credit card I doubt these numbers would have been quite so large.

    Again, I’m not an analyst so I may have completely misunderstood things.

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  5. Andy Shuman
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    Not sure they can claim “The Biggest Bonus Ever”, as there was a 50K bonus, albeit short-lived.

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