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  1. Keith Murray
    Keith Murray at |

    One sad note, just coming out at noon Eastern time: a firefighter was killed during the response to the crash landing. 🙁

  2. Ricky
    Ricky at |

    My friend was crew on the plane I don’t think even he knew what happened. Very proud of him for getting everyone to safety

  3. Raymond Kwan
    Raymond Kwan at |

    Well said!

  4. Oliver Trojak
    Oliver Trojak at |

    In the US, they should make it a crime to evacuate with your carry on.

  5. Sean Mendis
    Sean Mendis at |

    Seth, what is even more impressive in my opinion is the way the traffic flow was handled. All inbound flights to DXB were immediately rerouted with primary diversion points DWC and SHJ. Only 5 flights diverted to other UAE airports – 2 to Fujairah and 3 to Al Ain (although some aircraft did divert to Bahrain, Kuwait, Muscat or turned back to origin points). The airport was immediately NOTAMed closed and all inbound FPLs for arrivals within 4 hours were rejected for aircraft not already airborne. As a result, the disruption to aircraft, passengers and crew has been absolutely minimal.

    Our team up the road from DXB in Ras Al Khaimah were activated to standby for diversions after the incident, but in the end we only came close to getting a single flight (which went to DWC in the end anyway). This was a textbook emergency response and contingency planning executed perfectly. We get more drama here with a little bit of fog or rain.

    1. Mark Martin
      Mark Martin at |

      Keep up the awesome work over there at RAK. You might be the closest backup to OMDB. OMSJ’s denying additional traffic.

    2. Sean Mendis
      Sean Mendis at |

      Mark, our ramp space limits what we can take. We have 4 ex-Emirates A330s here now awaiting new homes (DAE leases) plus with Air Arabia, Qatar Airways and Air India Express scheduled flights we can only handle 3-4 narrowbody diversions and maybe 2 widebodies.

    3. Sean Mendis
      Sean Mendis at |

      SEJ015 just came in. Looking like a long night ahead.

    4. Sean Mendis
      Sean Mendis at |

      flyNAS, SpiceJet, Pegasus so far. And more to come…

    5. Sean Mendis
      Sean Mendis at |

      Sending SEJ015D back to VAAH after disembarking all 173 pax and arranging buses to Dubai at 3am.

    6. Mark Martin
      Mark Martin at |

      Keep up the great work Sean. If we didn’t have folks like you giving it your best, we’re really be in a spot. How you folks doing on people there?.

    7. Sean Mendis
      Sean Mendis at |

      All hands on deck. We’re better prepared with folks on standby to reinforce tonight if needed, but most of the narrow body operators have proactively cancelled into DXB tonight.

    8. Mark Martin
      Mark Martin at |

      Hell, i can imagine the insanity there. Just a phase bud; we’re all very grateful to the efforts you guys over at RAK, Sharjah, Minhad and Abu Dhabi are putting in. Stunning deployment and thanks to folks like you who keep the place running like a well oiled machine,

    9. Pankaj Lakhani
      Pankaj Lakhani at |

      Hey Sean,

      You often have a very knowledgeable, and accurate perspective on many things. I’ve noticed your comments on other blogs as well. Especially when it comes to aviation/life in the Mideast. Having grown up as an expat in the Mideast (Bahrain) I find your comments very interesting.

      P. L

  6. Ted S.
    Ted S. at |

    The firetrucks aren’t supposed to move until you say the magic word.

  7. Maarten Van Den Driessche
    Maarten Van Den Driessche at |

    Sadly one firefighter lost his live by this ‘incident’!

  8. Mike
    Mike at |

    I have to evacuate a plane once and the gal next to me tried to get her bag, that was so heavy she barely could get it ON the plane, off with her. When I saw her reach for it I said in a strong voice “Leave that F’ing bag where it is.” She looked at me and I said “Move! Now!” (I have dropped the F-bomb maybe 4 times in my adult life, but sometimes nothing else works)

    No fire, everyone got off the plane. Carry-ons connected with us a couple of hours later.

  9. Jeffrey Rothbart
    Jeffrey Rothbart at |

    Interesting perspective. If Ben S. had written it the entire article would center around himself and musing as to if he would’ve been ‘deplaned’ first because of his status. ?

  10. Marty mcflyyyyy
    Marty mcflyyyyy at |

    @RunwayGirl the #asiana B777 crash landing at SFO went similarly as well. ? for B777 evac. What cabin layout did they have?

  11. Brian
    Brian at |

    One of the findings of the AF358 crash in Toronto (where everyone escaped alive) was the challenge of people taking carry-on with them. Can’t think of an easy fix. Given the rarity of the event criminal charges are laughable. Peer pressure is the only work around I think.

  12. Mike
    Mike at |

    For the evacuation to be successful, everyone must have been completely evacuated within 90 seconds.

    Does anyone know if the standard was achieved or was this yet another failed evacuation?

  13. Erik
    Erik at |

    I have often wondered why they don’t design the carry-on bin doors to lock during takeoff and landing, similar to how some car doors automatically lock when you put the transmission in gear. Even during normal flights, sometimes the doors can fling open (due to rough turbulence or whatever during ascent/descent) and stuff can fall out. Locked bins might help prevent morons from taking their bags during an emergency evacuation.

    1. JRG
      JRG at |

      Excellent comment by Erik – they should lock the overheads during takeoff and landing. I totally agree.