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  1. Alex H
    Alex H at |

    Man.. I wish they would fly out of Tulsa..they fly out of OKC but 110 mile drive one way isn’t worth it..

  2. markj
    markj at |

    Alaska is still expanding which sounds good but they will have some challenges.

    First, they overpaid for Virgin and I doubt they will hold on to their investment grade status. Secondly, if Delta is still committed to Seattle I suspect sometime in the next couple of years Delta will make a deal with SeaTac to get more gates. Ultimately, Alaska’s margins will probably get compressed in Seattle from this.

    Long term…I think another merger would be the best for everybody. Alaska/Virgin/JetBlue would be a wonderful airline. JetBlue’s product would satisfy most Virgin flyers and be an upgrade for Alaska customers. Give it three years and we will see what happens.

  3. Josh Sprague
    Josh Sprague at |

    With this, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see them wind up at CMH. Apparently, there’s interest from both sides.