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  1. Shane
    Shane at |

    Your excel sheet is wrong – gold is $25 change for “new” if more than 60 days.

  2. gobluetwo
    gobluetwo at |

    Dayum. That stinks.

  3. Nuno
    Nuno at |

    The world of miles is getting worse every month…
    Just one doubt: from what you wrote, I understand it will still be possible to do the following:
    A>B and then C>D(stopover)>E
    within the same region.
    Did I get that right?

    1. Nuno
      Nuno at |

      I meant as a round-trip award! (with a double open-jaw and a stopover)

  4. Steven
    Steven at |

    I think you might have something off in the comparison of old and new award change/redeposit fees. I’m looking at the chart on UA’s website, and was mostly looking at the Gold fees, since that’s my status, and what I see on UA’s site is cheaper than what you’ve listed in your chart. For example, your chart has a $75 fee for Golds no matter when the award is changed, but UA’s site says Golds pay $25 for changes/cancellations 61 or more days out, and $75 60 days or less to travel. I’m looking at the chart on UA’s site at http://mileageplusupdates.com/mileageplus/english/flight/.

  5. Hick K Son
    Hick K Son at |


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  7. Tom Fox
    Tom Fox at |

    More bad news from United … but it’s not like we expect anything but bad news from airlines in a post-merger world

  8. TravMom
    TravMom at |

    Looks like I need to book our summer family trip for next summer now. This is a huge change for me. Stopovers are
    everything. ?

  9. Kathy Kindle Emory
    Kathy Kindle Emory at |

    I learned to distrust corporate-speak years ago at Home Depot (as redefined by the management from GE).

    1. Tom Fox
      Tom Fox at |

      United’s corporate speak makes the changes all the worse. I wish they would just state the changes and not try to act like this is good and something that customers have been clamoring for…

  10. Steve
    Steve at |

    Will LAX to Tokyo to Bangkok still work? Or will it not because Japan is it’s own region?

  11. Robert Dotson
    Robert Dotson at |

    Just thankful I was on the winning side of the loyalty equation for lots of years…the drought has arrived and the yield in my frequent flier field has withered.

  12. Andy F.
    Andy F. at |

    Does it mean no more ‘close-in’ ticketing fee within 21 days for non-elite members?

  13. Harland
    Harland at |

    Seth — another kick in the head to loyal flyers. The elimination of stopovers in the originating region also makes it very hard to get a feeder flight into a UA hub — e.g. it’s almost impossible to find reward space from MSY-IAH to begin an Asian or African trip — I guess that means we will have to drive to IAH from now on.

    Two points UA didn’t address (yet)
    1. Any change to the fee or time period for original bookings?
    2. Will they start to show reward availability for all StarAlliance partners — especially SQ? (I think I know the answer to that)

  14. Luke Fritz
    Luke Fritz at |

    – Thanks for diving in and explaining this, Seth. I assume this means something like my O/W SEA-NRT-PEK-ICN-SYD trip is now gone?

  15. Jamie
    Jamie at |

    I know you said the website won’t do this anymore, but could you still call in and piece together a routing segment by segment with 23 hour layovers?

  16. J. Keith Van Straaten
    J. Keith Van Straaten at |

    A great analysis of a bad situation

  17. Elizabeth Houck
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  18. Mike
    Mike at |

    Combine miles that are easy to get and hard to use and suddenly you get angry customers who may notice all the cool kids are flying Delta.

  19. Justin Lancy
    Justin Lancy at |

    ‘Travelers who previously “double dipped” on a trip from the US to Asia by including a stop in Europe along the way will see the cost of that award increase significantly. ‘

    Sigh. #unhancement

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Tell me about it. I keep looking at the changes and thinking about all the trips I’ve taken that would no longer be possible under the new rules. I’ve got a stack of them. 🙁

  20. Justin Lancy
    Justin Lancy at |

    My new mission: No longer letting the PR people use “enhancement” and “streamline” with impunity.

  21. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    What a lovely $#!+ sandwich UA is serving us. Surprised they didn’t slide in some award chart devaluations too!

    At least they didn’t make this effective immediately.

  22. Greg Guenther
    Greg Guenther at |

    Glad I’ve been saving up for that RTW. Crap. United is like an abusive father keeps beating me down and I still stay in the house.

  23. Ed
    Ed at |

    I love free one-ways, which I mourn now, but even more so 24-hour layovers. What confuses me here, is how we’re suppose to get places without them. I guess I’ll need to read up, but I have always viewed 24-hour layovers as a necessary evil for airlines just so that I could find availability to my destination. Without them, it kills the award model for me. At least, on United. I’ll flee to other programs for now, but if they were gone completely everywhere, I think I’d basically have to give up travel. It’s expensive awards, and too annoying without any good hacks. For sure, I’ll do my part to starve the offenders from the revenue I do give.

  24. Ed
    Ed at |

    *Travel is too expensive without awards, and too annoying without any good hacks.

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