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  1. Christopher Spitler
    Christopher Spitler at |
  2. AdamH
    AdamH at |

    Is this a stopover or just a connection? I didn’t think the new rules impacts connections in theory. UA basically just admits that their website is broken so they are changing the rules such that if you use the multi-city tool to book award flights piecemail you will be charged end on end. I think you would have still been able to call this in and gotten the “right” price or tricked it eventually to give you the right connection pairing.

    Not Flyer Friendly but neither is a policy that purely exists because of shitty IT and the inability to effectively communicate existing policy with customers.

  3. Ed
    Ed at |

    I just wanted to clarify, would the mixed cabin award at 95k be enforced under rule changes taking place in October? From the summaries I read, the rule changes only apply to stopovers in the originating country or an extended leg at the end of the trip. The itinerary you showed didn’t have either of these; only a simple one way award with a mixed cabin connection.

  4. Tom
    Tom at |

    I have seen this issue for a while. Once I was looking to book ORD-NRT-BKK (UA F to TG J). It should be 80K since UA allows you to fly on partners in the inferior class. In my case, the UA flight had both F and J space available, and same with the TG flight. When I used multi-city to piece the two segments together, it priced as two awards.

  5. X-ray
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    Hi Seth, I am just curious that why would you use miles if you are traveling for work? Do you get miles reimbursed?

    1. Michael d
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      Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

  6. ptahcha
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    Yup – it’s a known bug since the website was in beta mode, even with UA flights, especially when you mix in p.s. flights where it’s pricing out in J, while the connecting flight is in F or Y.

  7. Jessica Coane
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    Bruce Coane

  8. Dan Kohout
    Dan Kohout at |

    Michael Lewis looks like your going to have to keep being “greedy” with those miles

  9. Dave
    Dave at |

    I had a new experience when calling in to add a “free one way” on the end of an IN round-trip. I’ll swear that in the past I could do this after the outbound legs had been flown. Now, it treats the return legs as a one-way, and prices it accordingly – a bunch more miles instead of just the extra taxes.

  10. Marty R. Paz
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    United follows Delta again.

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