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  1. Eddie Lee
    Eddie Lee at |

    Not wanting to speculate on the latest incident, the TU-154 type has been prone more than a few mishaps.

    1. Igor Matlin
      Igor Matlin at |

      To be fair, most of the mentioned accidents aren’t caused by the aircraft’s design. Many are CFIT, maintenance deficiencies, and/or ATC errors. TU-154 safety record is comparable to similar aircraft of that era, e.g., B727.

  2. Ariana
    Ariana at |

    What’s so awful about all of this ? This is the Xmas gift Putin deserves.

  3. Glen Towler
    Glen Towler at |

    I did ask Superjet about the grounding and sent me the same press release. It really can’t help sales one little bit. But as you say airlines aren’t exactly lining up to buy these aircraft

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