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  1. Ivan Acosta
    Ivan Acosta at |

    So, basically intra Europe seats flying between DUS & JFK ?

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      That’s the theory (though TXL, not DUS) but it won’t happen for reasons that are obvious if you read the story. 😉

    2. Ivan Acosta
      Ivan Acosta at |

      I read it and your argument makes sense. Although, I wonder if they swap planes, will they go for a WOW approach or stay a regular airline across the pond.

    3. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      There’s nothing that would make that work right now. The A321LR will likely be sufficient for the JFK option but even that would be assuming a config that is not high density and also only viable in summer headwinds.

  2. Andreas Mowinckel
    Andreas Mowinckel at |

    Haha .. you see things like this now and then. Some years ago SK908 EWR-OSL was published with DH8 .. 😉

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      And over the weekend when UA’s systems are updating you’ll occasionally see a DASH8 listed on the website operating a TATL flight, but that’s just internal stuff, not an OAG/ATPCO filing.

      Mostly just wonder if it’ll be fixed on Saturday or if we have to wait until next week to see it change.

  3. jnrfalcon
    jnrfalcon at |

    Full biz or the play won’t make it. The range is largely limited if there are a lot of passengers on board. With 3 class layout, it’s simply not possible at all.

  4. Glen Towler
    Glen Towler at |

    I do wonder if know how read a map at Air Berlin?

  5. Charles Kennedy
    Charles Kennedy at |

    oh god are we still talking about this? the new flights are A330-200

  6. jean reed
    jean reed at |

    I am scheduled to fly Air Berlin from SF to Berlin in July on an A330. Still wondering if Air Berlin is going to make it that long and where exactly are the corners being cut. I’m hoping everything is being inspected on a regular basis, etc., with regard to safety. Kind of wish I would have known about all this restructuring when I made the reservation. Also, it looks like they are veering toward being a no frills kind of airline and I didn’t pay for that, so it seems I’m due a bit of a refund if that is the case!

  7. Wouter
    Wouter at |

    They could add a fueling stop like Transavia HV and arkefly OR are doing on AMS-DXB and AMS-DWC routes. Depending on the load and wind some flights do not need fueling stop on the inbound flights

  8. Jerry Mandel
    Jerry Mandel at |

    Lufthansa is taking over AB and AB will cease to exist.