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  1. Weekend Roady
    Weekend Roady at |

    Went to Adak last year using 25,000 miles – pretty low considering the $ cost of the ticket. Wondering if that continues.

    1. Charlie H
      Charlie H at |

      What did you do in Adak? Did you stay overnight? If so where? I am thinking of going next summer.

  2. Tyson
    Tyson at |

    How do I get to the map? I must be missing something.

  3. Barry
    Barry at |

    Neat. As a resident of MSP, I’ll point out that you have SEA-MSP at 10k, when it prices at 7,500. 1399 miles! MSP-PDX is the full 10,000.

  4. Aaron
    Aaron at |

    Thanks for putting the mapping tool together–it is great. And this is a nice enhancement to my favorite frequent flier program (easy for us in Seattle). Unfortunately, Alaska is not offering their new mileage-based pricing to Hawaii. These remain with the same fixed-priced redemption values.

  5. Mark
    Mark at |

    Just a note that I don’t think Hawaii, Mexico and are included in this, they have a separate award chat. Still good news for me being seattle based.

  6. Michael Belisle
    Michael Belisle at |

    please check again. some people are real confused as to the miles required.

  7. DaveS
    DaveS at |

    Since the pricing on AS is by total distance flown, not by segment like BA, a chart of non-stops matters only for itineraries originating or ending at a hub. Knowing you, I suspect you’re already working on a chart that will be valuable for situations involving connections.

  8. Eugene
    Eugene at |

    United MileagePlus page is missing the home airport feature.

    https://wandr.me/Award-Search/AAdvantage-Map/PDX ends up in Africa