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  1. Ivan Acosta
    Ivan Acosta at |

    Hotels and airlines drinking their kool-aid. Let’s wait until the next economic slowdown hits & see how much companies must compete for customers.

  2. Corey Terrell
    Corey Terrell at |

    Yea verily, the end is nigh. Anyone surprised shouldn’t be.

  3. Ivan Acosta
    Ivan Acosta at |

    This reminds me to high and condos and apartments across New York City and Miami two years ago. We were told the market only goes up and there was endless demand from Chinese and Brazilian investors. Well, we know how that turned out. Everyone is offering incentives to attract customers and fill up empty units.

  4. Ron
    Ron at |

    No disrepect here, but I really did not enjoy reading your article. As a journalism graduate and writer, your writing style is migraine inducing and is so wordy and boring.

    I read news articles constantly and I’ve rarely shaken my head while reading and had these thoughts.

    Just my opinion of course.

  5. swag
    swag at |

    Do you agree with “the earning rates at Starwood properties were historically richer than at Marriott,”?

    My own perception is that when earning for hotel stays, Marriott was the more lucrative, at least based on how much spend was required for a free night at a typical large big-city hotel. And that’s not counting MR’s often-generous mega-bonuses.

    On the other hand, for rewarding everyday un-bonused credit card spend, SPG was the clear winner.

  6. GoldMember
    GoldMember at |

    I completely disagree with this article. As a Marriott gold member I will tell you the rewards do matter. The perks of higher floors, water in the room, are nice but I have half a million points I look forward to using in retirement. This idiot at Marriott who says that’s not important is just wrong. Seems like another shareholder friendly cost cutting ‘idea’ that he thinks will make him shine. Pure poppy cock.

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  8. Joe
    Joe at |

    Lifetime Platinum in the SPG program, waiting to see if it’s worth staying with Marriott or switching to another brand. From what I’m reading, it sounds like I should be looking elsewhere.

  9. Christian
    Christian at |

    This seems another one of these ivory tower visionary situations, where no input has been solicited from the actual customer. Maybe it’s just me, but I find it exceedingly unlikely that Marriott loyalty members don’t consider free stays for their loyalty (points) to be among the top eight considerations.

  10. CP@YOW
    CP@YOW at |

    I found it surprising that there is only 11% overlap in the programs’ membership. I agree that it is also surprising that points/rewards are not mentioned (I guess the new program won’t be called Marriott Rewards…). While I agree with Christian that it sounds a bit like the product of a management brainstorming session about what customers want (without actually asking the customers), I also think that points could fit in the “pampering” bucket, i.e. using points for award stays.

    @Ron: I hate to clutter up the comments with more irrelevant chatter, but your sentence (“As a journalism graduate and writer, your writing style is migraine inducing and is so wordy and boring. “) incorrectly implies that Seth is a journalism graduate, and your exaggerated “migraine inducing” (sic) description should have been hyphenated. While I’m all for constructive criticism, it is tacky to do it publicly in the comments. Oh, and you misspelled disrespect.

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  13. Nick
    Nick at |

    The whole notion of saving points and miles for retirement thing shows up more than you would think. I guess the
    logic is that they are difficult to redeem based on lack of availability but one day when you have a lot of time that wont be a problem. Except your points will be worth almost nothing then. It’s pretty sad really, the average rate of depreciation of loyalty programs exceeds inflation. The best time to use your points is usually right now.