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  1. henry LAX
    henry LAX at |

    funny you mentioned that $23 figure cuz I was looking at NYC-MCO this morning, and the differential was exactly $23, but on UA instead of AA (operating on the dumbed-down assumption that airlines roughly come up with the same estimates of “accretive to earnings” due to BE)

    Using public available data on via MIT’s site, I backed out AA’s 2016 mainline narrowbody fleet average stage length being 1,066 miles. LGA-MCO is in the ballpark at 950mi.

  2. henry LAX
    henry LAX at |

    ps : DFW-LAS is nearly perfect on the dot at 1,056mi.

  3. Blake Fisher
    Blake Fisher at |

    I won’t pay for anything…baggage might be the only one

  4. Keith Murray
    Keith Murray at |

    So those of us who DO care about perks, and even are willing to pay (a bit) for them are, by definition, minorities, correct? 🙁

  5. Andy
    Andy at |

    Aren’t the new basic economy fares just the old regular economy fares? There has been no real reduction in price with the basic economy fares, as far as I know. Any extras they sell are now just gravy on top of regular revenue, no?

  6. Steven Sullivan
    Steven Sullivan at |

    They won’t pay, then they complain that there’s 29″ seat pitch and fees for checking bags. I’m not sure how you’re ever supposed to make customers happy.

    1. Blake Fisher
      Blake Fisher at |

      I don’t think the airlines really care if the customers are happy or not…there are only so few and they are banking

    2. Steven Sullivan
      Steven Sullivan at |

      To a certain extent, I think they do care. There have been moves the past couple of years, at least domestically, to improve products and roll out enhancements that do increase passenger satisfaction. Testing, then launching, a return of complimentary meals to economy cabin on some transcon domestic flights is a great example, as well as the fact that all three majors have significantly upped the catering game in their domestic lounges from where they were this time in 2014. So, yes, I do think they care in some areas. If they didn’t, they’d probably all look like Spirit when it comes to amenities.

    3. Blake Fisher
      Blake Fisher at |

      I hafta be honest – unless I get a handful of miles on UA or AA…and I emphasize handful…I almost always buy based on price. You fly a lot more than I do now Steven, but since I gave-up heavy corporate flying, this is the philosophy I have now…and I am the customer that the majors could care less about…so I could care less about them. Give me a cheap fare and leave me alone…ymmv, of course! ????

  7. Steff Obkirchner
    Steff Obkirchner at |

    45 of those 60% will bitch to no end when they get one though.

  8. DaninMCI
    DaninMCI at |

    As soon as I saw this figure today I wondered if the other 17% or 50% are business travelers versus those that only fly once in a while. So say I poll 100 people and 83 say they wouldn’t pay more but they hardly ever fly but the other 17 would pay more but happen to be business flyers that fly weekly it would make a big difference in the long term to me.

  9. iflyplaces
    iflyplaces at |

    Hmm I’d imagine Ipsos would be thorough in getting an accurate sample. I’ll see what I can dig up

  10. PaxView Jeff
    PaxView Jeff at |

    Reality, many people only buy 1 R/T a year, and ALL they care about is bottom line price. IFE, lounges, pi… https://t.co/UBiM5iGAws

  11. Kailash Nathan
    Kailash Nathan at |

    Passengers want cheap tickets with all the perks. We all want our cake and to eat it too. Eventually the revenues will show what the market can sustain.

  12. Dmitri Ivanovich Arkhipov
    Dmitri Ivanovich Arkhipov at |

    I genuinely want an airline that has an option to get sleeping gassed and stacked like cords of driftwood to conserve space, but the tickets get cheaper. Actually, if the tickets stay the same it’s still a deal. Staying conscious while flying is like a punishment now. As opposed to waking up a the destination refreshed for the the day ahead.

    1. Dmitri Ivanovich Arkhipov
      Dmitri Ivanovich Arkhipov at |

      Nah, that’s too illegal. I would though.

  13. Alastair Majury
    Alastair Majury at |

    Makes sense giving the actual ticket sales reaction to even United Airlines treatment of passengers.