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  1. Les McLaren
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    From what I read on the “Exciting news” (not!) that klm sent me the points will exclude tax and fees. That would mean in many cases earning only a small part of the ticket price.
    Klm have turned a good and very simple to understand scheme into a complicated and almost incomprehensible one. Only benefit is to AF/KLM, certainly not to the member.
    I started flying a lot in the early 1990’s around the time many of these loyalty schemes started. Now semi retired and flying a lit less it is a shame that,with some notable exceptions, that the airlines are not extending lounge access (which is more important to me than points) to those of us who helped to build their business over many years but because of age and employment status now travel less!. Note all my comments here refer to Europe.
    Up to now I have managed to just make the 30 sectors a year with KLM to keep my gold card. Now, if I understand the new scheme I will have to do 36. Most likely it’s good by and thank you to klm. So they loose what travel I now do to another airline. Am sure that is going to benefit them!!


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