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  1. Yvonne Strydom
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  2. #International- Copa kicked out of Caracas – World Information Centre
  3. Irene Larter
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    Kicking out a carrier out of your country-one that many have pulled out of and don’t fly into…I know how my week will be now. Yay.

  4. Blake Fisher
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    Isn’t worth it for other airlines to try and get some of the biz to Caracas? I saw that AA is increasing frequency, but it may be a while before they will see any of that money. Are they playing the long game here? What about other carriers? I find this situation absolutely fascinating…

    1. Michael J. Graven
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    2. Seth Miller
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      I agree with Michael’s short answer. Venezuela essentially stole $4bn in revenue from the airlines. They aren’t letting any cash out these days. And all local handling/fuel costs are paid in cash at a phony exchange rate. It is just not smart for any airline to be seeing that as a profit center right now.

      That will eventually change when Maduro is gone and the country starts the long path to recovery, but for now it is a mess. Just awful.

    3. Michael J. Graven
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      Seth’s more complete answer articulates my thinking.

    4. Eric M. Monte
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      Blake Fisher Maybe the humanitarian game? Getting people the hell out!

    5. Seth Miller
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      The people who need to evacuate can not afford to do so. And a couple hundred a day won’t solve the problems.

    6. Blake Fisher
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      Seth Miller Why is AA adding capacity? Do you think they should cut bait?

    7. Seth Miller
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      Blake: I’m surprised that the increase is coming. It doesn’t make a ton of sense to me from over here in the cheap seats. But we also don’t really know what it is yet best I can tell. And it was for far enough away that it could shift and no one would blame AA.

    8. Eric M. Monte
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      Seth Miller relatives from the US could be buying the tickets.