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  1. GUWonder
    GUWonder at |

    Are you moving to a state with no state income tax as preparation for a liquidity event arising from your online businesses?

  2. marley
    marley at |

    Stop your WHINING!

  3. Glen Towler
    Glen Towler at |

    The guy with bag amused me no end. What was he thinking he was lucky they didn’t make him check that bag. I also doubt if the bag would made intact.
    Good luck with the move

  4. GringoLoco
    GringoLoco at |

    One of the many reasons I follow you is your integrity. You would never tell your audience a certain buy miles promo is a bad deal and still manage to put 15+ pimping links in the same post — oh hi OCaaT!

    As of next week I too will be a resident of FloriDuh, a bit SE of you. I owe you a beer or five one of these days!

  5. Rob
    Rob at |

    You just need to start pumping the CC signups like the other bloggers. Then you’ll be rolling in it. 😉

  6. Mark
    Mark at |

    Some of your Twitter posts are ridiculous. You post for the sake of posting (no value).

  7. ed
    ed at |

    Alas, your pretentiousness won’t be as well received in FL.