DLD 241: Quiet anger

United Airlines launched a revised livery for interesting reasons. Does Stephan really hate it or just not care? And do the explanations around why it launched make any sense?

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Also in this week’s show:

  • United plans to fly to Cape Town. Who wants in on that fun line, and will South African Airways care?
  • The Embraer E195-E2 is now certified and should enter service in the second half of the year.
  • Mitsubishi is stepping up test flights on its MRJ product line and we’re not really sure why.
  • Allegiant wants to fly to Mexico. Can it bring the leisure-focused package tourism product it is so well known for south of the border?
  • SAS is dealing with a huge strike from crew, causing many flights to be cancelled. Including a few that Fozz was booked on this past weekend. But he booked them through United, creating extra challenges in fixing the mess.
  • Hong Kong Airlines is dealing with financial issues but also more than a little drama. Among the problems, no one seems to be sure what the ownership structure is or where the money is coming from; law suits are part of the fallout. Danny Lee is doing a great job of tracking the soap opera for the SCMP and is worth a follow on Twitter to keep up.
  • Speaking of airlines with unfortunate financial circumstances, Korea seems to be a pretty challenging place to do business these days. Asiana is up for sale and Korean Air isn’t in a particularly great situation either.

Enjoy the show!

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