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  1. Jason
    Jason at |

    So it was a matter of married segment logic (O&D inventory)?

  2. ffI
    ffI at |

    If one can get to the CVG call center, they were often very helpful, as are the ones in SLC
    We are all now running out of options for reasonable award flights
    DL is a joke, UA is following shortly, AA I am sure is next and is ruining the options with the ME airlines fight and AS miles are hard to get

  3. scientist
    scientist at |

    I must have missed something. Why can’t you just book the two segments separately?

    1. Ina Kwu
      Ina Kwu at |

      I was actually wondering the same thing…why not just book two one way segments of the points were more advantageous separately?

    2. Lancelot
      Lancelot at |

      I think he got a better rate at 85K total by not booking separately. Also, if he checked a bag, two separate bookings could create delays and inconvenience at the next airport if he’s not able to get the airline to consolidate the bookings. He’d have to go thru customs/immigration to retrieve luggage and re-check it for the next flight.

  4. Lancelot
    Lancelot at |

    I had a similar Delta experience on a routing from ATL-MNL. I could book ATL-JFK-TPE (China Airlines) from the website at 85K, but the onward TPE-MNL could not be stitched to the original booking using the site. I also experienced negative attitude from the first Delta rep I spoke to. She told me it wasn’t possible, and couldn’t find the the second segment of my requested itinerary at all. She seemed frustrated at me for asking the question. I eventually hung up, and called again. The second rep was much nicer and way more knowledgeable. He found everything, got it booked and I was on my way.

  5. Michael Isom
    Michael Isom at |

    This was a terrible article…really never explained anything. The only thing I got was hang up and call again.

    1. Lancelot
      Lancelot at |

      I think you got the most important part. The skill level of Delta’s award desk seems to be inconsistent from one individual to the next. Even if you know their rules better than they do themselves, in some cases, it won’t help you.

      So yea… hang up and try again.

  6. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    So, to be clear… you are showing us a screenshot of a one way ticket from Boston to Singapore for 85K miles, yes?

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