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  1. Denise
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    I was in VietNam for the first time in 2007 and actually enjoyed craft beers in Nha Trang at Louisiane Brewhouse in NhaTrang. The beer there is somewhat more mass market–what I would liken to Sam Adams, but good. I was back in VietNam this past January. Went back to Louisiane. We also had good beer at BiaCraft and Pasteur Street in SaiGon. In Hanoi, is Hoa Vien–which is modeled after a Czech Beer Garden and brews Czech Pilsner. In Cambodia, we had good German-style beer (and food!) at Hops Beer Garden in Phnom Penh. (Don’t judge on the German food–it was at the end of 6 weeks in SE Asia…) Having said all that, with the weather, the local Vietnamese beer tasted really good most of the time!

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    Hey! Shaun here from Imperial Craft Bia in Hue. Thanks for the great write-up! We’ll be proud to share it around.