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  1. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    I am surprised that WN is making program so “complex”. Is the average casual traveler really going to bother with it? A factor of 6? how bizarre.

  2. DensityDuck
    DensityDuck at |

    If you assume that one “flight credit” under the old system equals 1200 “points” under the new system, then if you book a WGA fare then it needs to be $400 round-trip to give the same reward.

    Or, to look at it another way, if you only book WGA fares, then you get a free trip for every ten round-trip flights, whereas before it was eight. Although it doesn’t quite work the same, because instead of getting a “free trip” you just get points–if the trip you want costs more than 1/10th of the fare you’ve spent, then you can’t get that fare with points.

    The people who get really screwed by this are the ones who frequently take short-haul trips (SF to LA, Denver to Houston) for non-business reasons. Business travellers can still book at the max rate and get a lot of points, but budget travelers are hosed.

  3. rsizzle
    rsizzle at |

    you know who really gets the hose? those with points already, but not enough for a free trip. Take a look at that conversion. ugly

  4. Wandering Aramean
    Wandering Aramean at |

    The conversion rate to top off the account isn’t great but also isn’t horrible. And it is consistent with the way that JetBlue did basically the same thing when they changed their program about a year ago.

    The farce is really the “no black-out dates/inventory restrictions” bit. While technically true, the cost for last minute awards will be so great (12*10x*$$$ for BS seats) that most folks won’t have sufficient points to book them anyways.

  5. bill smith
    bill smith at |

    This new program is a joke. SWA has finally gone the way of major carriers and crapped on the day in and day out short trip business travelers that have made their business. I cant wait to see the comical ads that the comptetion will use referring to the most confusing website yet. Multipliers, points, fare levels etc. What a joke, and I have defended them for 20 years.

  6. absinop
    absinop at |

    Currently, if I spend on my SW credit card $19,200 for non travel purchases over a year, I earn myself an award RT anywhere SW flys. However, under the new system, spending that amount will get me just 19,200 pts. and no free trip. If the trip i would have taken cost $400 BS the points I need are 40,000. My 19,200 is not even half! Id say I got hosed with this new program. Did SW just put an end to their SW CC usage. It has lost a lot of value to use.

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  10. DensityDuck
    DensityDuck at |

    abinsop: if you fly WGA, the fares are much easier–that $400 airfare (for WGA) only needs 24000 points (equals $24000 spent on the Visa card, versus $19200 under the old system.)