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  2. COFlyerCLE
    COFlyerCLE at |

    I think the day that they can push flight delay info to your Passbook boarding pass will make it really indispensable. Right now it is very cool. With real-time delay info – it will rock.

  3. Kris Ziel
    Kris Ziel at |

    Airlines can change basically any field in the pass extremely easily, it’s just a matter of airlines not doing it. I don’t think that United pushes updates on seat, but they do it for gate number, and that is probably the most important.

  4. Paul
    Paul at |

    Last week a guy TUL-DFW on AA held up F boarding because he didn’t realize his iPhone had gone dark and kept sticking up to the scanner. The other iPhone users breezed through. I have Passbook and like it though I would have used the AA app if it didn’t exist. Still, like you say, it should help to get other airlines to use it.

  5. Grant
    Grant at |

    I tried to use the passbook feature on a delta flight out of ATL 2 days after i got the iPhone 5 but it did not work. I hope delta gets it together next time I fly with them…

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