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  1. Marathon man
    Marathon man at |

    What about bb gc wm mvd cc and bc

  2. Mark (@palmerlaw)
    Mark (@palmerlaw) at |

    V – vanillareload.com 😉

  3. jetsetr
    jetsetr at |

    Gosh, that friend of yours with the “‘m’ browser problem” seems like he needs to get a life. As do we all 😉 But yours is quite the interesting list, too. Shall we all join a 12-step program together? :p

  4. MilesAbound
    MilesAbound at |

    I’m surprised your A is not AwardWallet and E is ExpertFlyer like me 🙂

  5. RBR
    RBR at |

    Qantas website is http://www.qantas.com.au (.co.au will result in a DNS error).

  6. MDR
    MDR at |

    This would have been fun as a quiz: post the letters and let us guess the websites…

  7. chemist661
    chemist661 at |

    I am on medical leave due to advanced stages of cancer–Stage 4B. I was keeping active by doing a wide variety of activities. (errands, walking 1-2 miles/day,etc). T add to this that I fractured my hip in San Diego (100 miles from home) and I spent alot of time on my laptop. (at I was smart enough to bring it with me on my short overnite trip!!!). I have been on my computer alot looking at the various travel blogs/message boards, etc since I can’t leave the house except with help from others.

    I keep from getting bored looking at travel sites and I am taking advantage of my time off. Of course, I do my exercises (right hip/leg) & walk with the walker around the house to get my strength up.

    Bottom line: I may be obsessive at the moment accessing travel sites but it keeps me from getting bored. I am having alot of fun!!! When my hip heals in 4.5 weeks from now, I am ready to take some short haul commerical airline trips. (assumes the Dr will OK that!!)

    I enjoy reading all the message boards & travel blogs!!

  8. chemist661
    chemist661 at |

    To clarify: I was in the hospital in San Diego for 9 days (3/2-3/11) and been home for 4 days!!

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