It seems I might spend too much time online focused on travel

A friend of mine posted on Facebook the other day that he’d be a lot more productive if every time he typed in "m" in an internet browser window it didn’t finish that entry with a link to the ITA Software website. That got me thinking about my internet browsing habits and wondering just how much of the alphabet is travel focused for me. I’d say 20 out of 26 isn’t bad. Or it is ridiculous. I haven’t actually decided which.

Here’s what my breakdown is (omitting the non-travel letters):

  • B – Boarding Area
  • D – Delta Air Lines
  • F –
  • G –, home of awesome mapping tools
  • H –, one of my new favorite booking tools
  • I –, home of the Intercontinental Hotel Group
  • J – Jetblue
  • L –, my airport lounge guide tool
  • M –, the ITA search portal
  • N –; apparently I don’t do much with the letter N since I haven’t visited that site very often
  • O – Orbitz
  • P –, home of our awesome podcast
  • Q –, my go-to resource for oneworld award searches
  • R – Ryanair; I’ve only flown them once so I don’t know why this is so high up
  • S – SeatGuru; I wish it weren’t true as the data is so bad, but it is there
  • T – TripIt; cannot get enough of the itinerary management tool
  • U –
  • W –, the Wandering Aramean Travel Tools homepage
  • Y – youtube, where I manage my growing collection of travel videos
  • Z –; not a lot of Z activities for me

My "A" entry is loosely related to my travels, as is my "E" option. The other few aren’t but I can handle that. I do have to at least pretend to be well rounded, right??

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Seth Miller

I'm Seth, also known as the Wandering Aramean. I was bit by the travel bug 30 years ago and there's no sign of a cure. I fly ~200,000 miles annually; these are my stories. You can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


  1. Gosh, that friend of yours with the “‘m’ browser problem” seems like he needs to get a life. As do we all 😉 But yours is quite the interesting list, too. Shall we all join a 12-step program together? :p

    1. Believe it or not, MilesAbound, I don’t use either of those sites. AwardWallet cannot track the programs I care most about and ExpertFlyer doesn’t do much for me as a primarily United/*A customer, particularly not that I cannot do with my own tools.

      Similarly, not so much with Vanilla Reloads in NYC so I don’t bother.

  2. This would have been fun as a quiz: post the letters and let us guess the websites…

  3. I am on medical leave due to advanced stages of cancer–Stage 4B. I was keeping active by doing a wide variety of activities. (errands, walking 1-2 miles/day,etc). T add to this that I fractured my hip in San Diego (100 miles from home) and I spent alot of time on my laptop. (at I was smart enough to bring it with me on my short overnite trip!!!). I have been on my computer alot looking at the various travel blogs/message boards, etc since I can’t leave the house except with help from others.

    I keep from getting bored looking at travel sites and I am taking advantage of my time off. Of course, I do my exercises (right hip/leg) & walk with the walker around the house to get my strength up.

    Bottom line: I may be obsessive at the moment accessing travel sites but it keeps me from getting bored. I am having alot of fun!!! When my hip heals in 4.5 weeks from now, I am ready to take some short haul commerical airline trips. (assumes the Dr will OK that!!)

    I enjoy reading all the message boards & travel blogs!!

  4. To clarify: I was in the hospital in San Diego for 9 days (3/2-3/11) and been home for 4 days!!

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