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  1. Jon
    Jon at |

    Wow… That would have saved me $600 this year I paid UA in change fees.

  2. Marshall Jackson
    Marshall Jackson at |

    Oh my gosh… someone finally does change fees the way they should be done.

  3. CDKing
    CDKing at |

    Is B6 w/ Mosaic going to be a credit for future flight or actual refund to original form of payment? Alaska MVPG is credit good for 1 year from initial purchase.

  4. Brandon
    Brandon at |

    A cancellation with a nonrefundable fare doesn’t go back to the original form of payment – only to a jetblue travel credit that’s good for a year.

    Their new fee structure, though, actually makes sense, in that it’s more costly to them (less chance of reselling the seat) if you change your flight closer in.

  5. helixcardinal
    helixcardinal at |

    No hat tip for Alaska? 😛

  6. jackal
    jackal at |

    When I suggested this approach a month or so ago to you, I thought you said it was too confusing for the public and couldn’t be done. 😉

    Glad to see it moving in this direction. I doubt the majors will take notice, though. I still think the >60-days-out fee is too high–the chances of reselling that seat 60 days out are very, very high–the fee should really be more of an administrative fee like $25 than a penalty fee of $75. But I’ll take what I can get and hope UA comes to their senses for top elites. (I’d shoot for 1K again this year if they did a change-fee waiver; otherwise, I think I’m going to settle for Plat.)

  7. jackal
    jackal at |

    Also, Alaska allows the change/cancellation to be done online. Sounds like JetBlue hasn’t got it programmed in, thus the requirement to call in (likely so the agent can manually waive the fee). Maybe that will come in the future, but for now, AS’s policy is slightly superior to B6’s for that reason.

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  9. nsx at FlyerTalk
    nsx at FlyerTalk at |

    ZERO advance notice? That’s unreasonably harsh IMHO.

    Also, reservations booked prior to the change should get unlimited changes under the old fee structure. Offering a one-time exception still retroactively changes the terms of the customer’s original deal. I understand the difficulties of implementing unlimited changes for existing funds, but fair is fair. Advance notice of the new fees would have mitigated this particular problem.

    Now a question: What about points bookings? If those remain fully refundable to your account, then points have become much more valuable than cash when booking for non-elite travelers. True?

  10. nsx at FlyerTalk
    nsx at FlyerTalk at |

    Yes, Seth, you’re right. Awards cost $100 to cancel and redeposit. Therefore points are now slightly more valuable than cash when booking for non-elite travelers when the cash fares is $150 or more.

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