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  1. Jimmy
    Jimmy at |

    Thanks Seth!

  2. Joe
    Joe at |

    This is great! thanks. Its fun to look at all the high value awards.

  3. Ian
    Ian at |

    Very cool tool. I stumbled onto some minor glitches when searching DCA. It shows LAS as being 7500 avios while PHX & DFW are showing 10k.

  4. Greg
    Greg at |

    Wonderful, thank you

  5. Gene
    Gene at |

    would also be cool to see which airline(s) operate a particular city pair route if you clicked on it.. probably a bit complicated.

  6. Steve
    Steve at |

    You show SJU as 10k Avios from BDL (Bradley airport in CT) but that non-stop is on Jet Blue and AFAIK you cannot redeem Avios for Jet Blue flights. So you may have that issue from all airports as well.

  7. Ismael
    Ismael at |

    This is great, thanks. You might want to check DCA again. There are a lot of flights showing at 4,500 that should be more. MCI, MSP, & OMA for example.

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  9. Gene
    Gene at |

    “St Petersburg – St Petersburg – PSG”.. near Tahiti.. might be an error

  10. Andy
    Andy at |

    HKG-MLE on CX is 12.5k in econ or 25k business. Might physically be further than the distance band but Avios charges it that way.

    Also fairly sure there’s CMB-HKG direct flight too, operated by CX, same 12.5k price

  11. Vikram
    Vikram at |

    Very nice and useful tool.

    BOS-CLT shows up as 4,500 avios but it should be 7,500.

    Also, BOS-PQI and BOS-PBG are operated by Penair, which is an Alaska affiliate. You cannot use avios on those routes.

  12. Andy
    Andy at |

    BLI-OGG is also flown by AS seasonally, 12.5k, a few times a week

  13. Matt
    Matt at |

    I guess I wasn’t the only one to see some of the missing options in the HKG screenshot.

  14. Steven C
    Steven C at |

    Definitely really cool. Any chance we can get same for ANA for their distance based chart? Thanks Seth.

  15. Ben
    Ben at |

    This is awesome, thanks for pulling this together!

  16. Todd Phoenix
    Todd Phoenix at |

    Very much enjoying playing w/ this new tool. Thanks for your time!

  17. AdamH
    AdamH at |

    Cool tool. Wish AA/US would actually code their domestic F what it is, J

  18. Vikram
    Vikram at |

    Another bug:
    There are no BOS-ISP or BOS-STT flights operated by AA, US, or AS.

    Also, a lot of US Airways flights are missing from BOS:

  19. Robert F
    Robert F at |

    I love that on a whim, one guy decides to write a tool that so outclasses anything available on the BA website. BA probably has 100+ full time programmers/marketing/UI/managers and in a single shot you’re able to truly demonstrates the value of Avios points.

  20. Laura
    Laura at |

    Another excellent tool! Thank you!!

  21. Dave
    Dave at |

    Awesome! Super cool tool. One thing – might want to take a look at ATL, I’m seeing a lot of short routes here operated by DL only.

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  23. DaveS
    DaveS at |

    Outstanding tool! Thanks for your good work, and I’ll be using this all the time.

  24. S Kumar
    S Kumar at |

    I believe SFO-SLC should be 4500 avios, but is not showing up on the map.

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  28. Trevor
    Trevor at |

    Right when I’ve become addicted to using this incredible tool…the link is broken? I cannot access the map.