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  1. Jake
    Jake at |

    So you haven’t been to the only UNESCO destination in town, the Botanic Gardens?? Or Chinatown? Or a Peranakan restaurant? Or the Asian Civilizations Museum? Or the Night Zoo? Or Little India? Or the National Museum? Or a nice dinner at a Michelin started restaurant? Yes, if every time you go to a City you do the same few things, I would tire too!

  2. Michael
    Michael at |

    Agree I’ve always had trouble finding a lot of things to do in Singapore. Not a big fan of luxury shopping. Many times I’ve been there it’s been hot and raining, which makes my go-to idea of “just take the subway somewhere distant and walk around outside for a while and see what it’s like to be there” a little harder.

    The Asian Civilizations Museum was great — my wife and I got a guided tour from a curator who was baffled that we knew none of the Hindu mythology stories that people grow up telling their kids, but patient enough to explain the cultural context from scratch (“you know who Ganesha is, right? No? Ok, this is going to take a bit…”)

    We ended up climbing up Fort Canning, which is steep!, then checking out the fire station museum, which has a history of firefighting in the country and is pretty cool.

  3. Karen
    Karen at |

    I am firmly in the camp of loving Singapore. Next time you go, I suggest your check out the “Original Singapore Walks” by Journeys. The guides are all very knowledgeable, and most of them are historians or researchers. It was on one of these walks that I learned the origin story of Tiger BAlm, got the backstory of RAffles hotel, and found out a bit about the Japanese occupation of Singapore.

    Oh, and I always stop at Old Nanyang Coffee for a slice of pandan cake.

  4. Jason
    Jason at |

    I share your feelings about Singapore. What’s so strange to me is that I think Singapore is a great place because of all that it has to offer, but somehow I just feel “meh” about it. I somehow prefer spending time in Hong Kong (before the riots) or Tokyo. I visited the brand new Jewel two months ago and thought that it was just a very nice mall, not something that I would go out of my way to visit. While Sentosa Island was nice, I would rather spend time in Bali any day over Sentosa. The two best things about Singapore in my eyes are the food and medical care (if you are in South East Asia and need medical care). I’ve flown through Singapore and Hong Kong countless times, but I’ve stayed in Hong Kong 7 times more often than Singapore because I like it more.

  5. derek
    derek at |

    I love Singapore despite the terrible heat. I can’t image why people hate it.

    I once went to the air force museum during the middle of the day. For most of the visit, I was the only visitor though 2 people came later.

  6. AR
    AR at |

    Try getting off the beaten path more. There is so much more to Singapore than expensive cocktails and tourist-choked sites (like the Merlion). I won’t rattle off a list of all the amazing things you missed (you can find that easily enough online) but I can tell you that if you get out of the CBD and head into the Heartlands, you’ll find a variety of interesting experiences. Based on a lot of what you said, like visiting being a chore, it sounds like Singapore just isn’t for you, which is fine. I’m the only person in my group of friends who has no desire to ever visit Paris again so go figure. Everyone has their own happy place.

  7. mbh
    mbh at |

    I’m a gardener, so I specifically went to the world class botanical gardens. They are so extensive, that one day is not enough if you really want to see everything. I was so hot and sweaty that I decided I’d come again some time when it was not as hot and humid. Unfortunately, due to it’s location near the equator, there is no such time. I checked the temp/humidity tables online and it was hilarious how little variation there is between “hottest month” and “coolest month” (clearly a relative term!). I do not think I have another full day of Singapore heat and humidity in me. It’s as if you wanted to visit New Orleans, but it was always August! That city would be WAY less popular as a tourist destination, I promise you.

    I’m a cartophile too! Do you happen to know whether or not the map exhibit at the Library is permanent? I’d love to see that.

  8. Pat
    Pat at |

    The Singapore government has done a spectacular job of marketing the island nation.So good that it has difficulty in living up to its own hype.Take street food for example. if you want the real thing just hop across the border to Malaysia and you will find the original authentic stuff at a fraction of the price.In fact if you want the real non sanitized larger version of Singapore just go to Malaysia.

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  10. rdover1
    rdover1 at |

    Other things to try:
    Fish pedicure, and incredible reflexology (foot massage)
    Prawning (oddly fun, and you can even find places that do this indoors in air conditioning)
    Bumboat or Duck tours
    High tea at the Fullerton or Raffles Hotel
    Sunday brunch (epic champagne buffets at either the Ritz or Shangri-la Hotel)]
    Wander round the Fulan center (massive mall specializing in electronics), see a bunch of crazy and impressive stuff way before it goes mainstream in the West.
    Get a custom shirt or suit tailored (you can do this in many places in SE Asia but the Singapore advantage is being able to do this easily and comfortably in English without high pressure touts or bartering).

    If you are not in to Sentosa as a beach resort take the 50 min ferry to Bintan (Indonesia) where there are resorts varied from huts on the beach to colonial-style private estates.

  11. DT
    DT at |

    If you are into maps, models and urban/city planning, you might wanna check out the Singapore City Gallery. It will provide you with a greater insight into the history and details of how modern Singapore developed. And its totally free:


  12. Alex
    Alex at |

    The Gardens by the Bay are amazing places. Been in Singapore in December, not hot at all – nice weather and small crowds. There are few activities one can do outside the city center too, can be worth extra ride. Just walking in the center is very exiting by itself: nice scenery, sculptures, city views – not many cities have such nice and green centers with a waterfront and river. Its a mix of cultures that travel can appreciate and enjoy too. Food is additional benefit for me, I tried some, and indulge myself at the airport lounge. Airport by itself has some interesting things to explore. So may go for another short visit in the near future.