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  1. James K.
    James K. at |

    I really liked the hotel too. And an incredible bargain for me – 2000 points for my Saturday night stay!

    Also – Sofia is totally underrated as a city. Neat town

  2. Gene Kaskiw
    Gene Kaskiw at |

    Very cool… I suppose it’s fitting that the common spaces of the hotel are comparatively larger/more impressive than the average guest room. The appropriate socialist ethos for the hotel’s era

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Yeah. I love that aesthetic in many ways and it truly does speak to the “social” side of the culture. It also is a bit of FUD in pretending that there is more space than really exists. After all, why else would there be such grand lobbies?

      At the same time, the renovation work that was converting “dead” space into additional rooms will walk back some of that. And bring the fixtures and style into the modern era.

  3. Rami
    Rami at |

    Will you be sharing with us a trip report of Sofia/Bulgaria? I was there abou ten years ago and loved it. My parents are originally from Bulgaria but it was my first time. It is on my list of places to go back to.

  4. Raymond Kwan
    Raymond Kwan at |

    Reminded me of our stay at the Gran Hotel Bolivar in Lima, though that one was in much worse shape than yours. Like transporting ourselves into “Somewhere in Time”.

  5. Rami
    Rami at |

    Grand hotel bolivar en Lima was the place to have afternoon coffee or tea or a drink. I remember going with my parents when we lived in Lima back in the 80’s

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  8. David
    David at |

    I’m like three weeks late to this post but I also stayed at this hotel when I was in Sofia and also found it charming in it’s own way. My major problem with the hotel was that I was electrocuted twice by shitty outlets in my room. First time was when I first got into my room and plugged in my phone to a wall outlet and I felt the strong jolt of current run through my body which ended with a pop and smoke from the wall. Had to get the hotel’s maintenance man to come up 15 minutes later to restore electricity to the room and tell me not to use the bad outlet (not an issue, wasn’t planning on it!). Then the same thing happened with the other outlet I was using on the evening before I checked out. Still not the worst hotel I’ve stayed at but every time I think of Sofia I get these flashbacks of being mildly electrocuted. haha