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  1. Jonathan Kealing
    Jonathan Kealing at |

    The question is who’s going to apply for the vacated F9 slot. All the big carriers?

  2. Cynthia Drescher
    Cynthia Drescher at |

    Whoa. But Silver was so gung-ho!

  3. Charles Kennedy
    Charles Kennedy at |

    maybe the old skool charters World Atlantic et al was enough capacity for the market?

  4. Ruby @ A JOURNEY We Love
    Ruby @ A JOURNEY We Love at |

    We just came back from havana and tmobile worked! Google Fi unfortunately didn’t

  5. DaveS
    DaveS at |

    I definitely couldn’t and can’t for now see a viable business plan for all those secondary markets. Even Havana seems overserved. There are definitely great reasons to visit Cuba, but it’s still not logistically ready for the mass market traveler. The American curiosity seekers and adventurers just aren’t enough people to sustain the kind of air service that has been on offer. The kinds of travel comforts and conveniences many people are used to at other destinations just can’t be had in Cuba yet except at sky high prices.

  6. howie ray
    howie ray at |

    Everyone went so crazy on Cuba. Just need reasonable scheduled service.